No Pain, No Gain – and it’s not all physical!

We’re safely into the New Year’s Resolution zone and I imagine a slew of them have been broken already. I woke on New Year’s Day to pounding rain and a scheduled run. I got lucky and found a gap in the rain radar that I could take advantage of, but either way, the run was […]

A spanner in the works

All good goals have to be flexible and able to change. I’m hoping mine don’t need to be thrown out the window! I flunked a routine mammogram and it didn’t worry me initially, but now I’m sitting here typing, 48 hours after a biopsy, still sore and starting to feel very jittery about the conversation […]

I’ve been thinking…

So it’s been a long road to get where I am today, and you never truly get to the end. I’ve learnt two things along the way We set the wrong goals We don’t know how to visualise them As a woman living in the West we get fed unrealistic ideas about “having it all” […]