Resilience – how to break it down and build it up

I fully expected this video to be a “harden up” message but its not, and it’s so much more. Tim Harkness runs QuickThinking Coaching in the UK and has his own club on Strava. I’ve always meant to follow up on his posts but they haven’t quite happened. With a bit of downtime due to my operation yesterday I thought I’d watch his Resilience video on YouTube.

There’s a lot of detail and it warrants watching a few times. Tim gives an example of an overweight woman who frets over her child’s safety. He argues that the probability of harm coming to the child is way less than a negative health consequence of being overweight and both would have a significant impact. It would be better, therefore, to spend time and energy on the health issues.

Probability x Impact, Influence x Plan


He also talks about someone who fears losing their job but doesn’t translate that fear into a plan to either save the job or ensure re-employment.

I’m sure, if I broke down the things I fret about and charted them out I’d find that some of my priorities were out of whack and it’s not a bad idea with New Years looming to take the time to ensure that this year’s batch of New Year’s Resolutions are actually worth the effort of putting into action.


Putting Change into Action

Tim says to ask yourself

  1. Why might I want to change?
  2. How much do I want to change?
  3. Why did I give that answer to #2?
  4. Let’s imagine I have changed, how does this benefit me?
  5. How do these benefits matter to me?
  6. What is the first step?

east: Easy Attractive Social Timely

Tim also reworks the whole SMART goal setting tool into a simpler “EAST”.

We have to make it Easy, We have to make it Attractive (so you want to do it), Social (involve other people) and we have to have time to do it.

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