No Pain, No Gain – and it’s not all physical!

We’re safely into the New Year’s Resolution zone and I imagine a slew of them have been broken already. I woke on New Year’s Day to pounding rain and a scheduled run. I got lucky and found a gap in the rain radar that I could take advantage of, but either way, the run was happening.

How often do we abandon our goals (and our resolutions) because they’re just too hard?

A great example is an Optician that works out of a major chain of malls. If the mall is open, they have to be open and if they’re open they have to have qualified staff available. Finding qualified staff is hard and so the pay rate reflects the company’s desire to keep them happy. Unqualified staff are offered to have their University fees and other expenses paid to get qualified via distance learning – at the end, they’d have a degree and the ability to earn that much higher pay rate. The company is astounded that few take up the offer.

And then you have the classic get fit, get thin type of goals which are all well and good until you turn up to a class and can’t walk the following day. Or your partner is curled up watching Netflix, it’s raining/hot and you have to train.

It’s all very well writing goals down, knowing that they’re achievable but if you aren’t prepared to put up with the pain, then there will be no gain.

So, review those goals you’ve set for 2016 and make sure you’re ready for any or all of these

  • the physical pain
  • the social pain of missing out on things your friends are doing
  • the financial pain of paying for equipment, training etc
  • the mental pain of learning new things, having less down time to relax
  • the structural pain of having to be organised, to use time management techniques to fit it all in

When people get busy those around them often complain of neglect or express concern that you’re pushing yourself too hard. Sometimes they’re right, often they’re peeved! Peeved that you have the gumption to work for your goals and they’re afraid to.

After all, if an elite athlete like Sonny Bill Williams is still prepared to push himself and feel the pain of striving for new goals then the rest of us are going to be hurting too!

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